“Advance buzz at Sundance? Experts reveal their favorites”

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Buzz, the ever-elusive quality that makes or breaks a movie at the Sundance Film Festival, means different things to different people.

For Sara Maria Vizcarrondo, who writes for BoxOffice magazine, it’s rating movies based on their marketability, and whether they will score a deal from distributors. (Her top three picks in that regard are the tech-filled drama “Robot and Frank” starring Frank Langella, the comedy “Bachelorette” with Kirsten Dunst and the closing-night film “The Words” with Bradley Cooper.)

For Carrie Rickey, longtime film critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer, it’s about proximity. The three Sundance titles she’s most interested in (if she were coming, which she’s not) are Mark Webber’s drama “The End of Love,” Don Argott’s documentary “The Atomic States of America” and Rick Alverson’s absurdist film “The Comedy” — because they were all made by Philly filmmakers.

In search of buzz about this year’s Sundance entrants, TheTribune asked some of the Internet’s prominent movie writers and Hollywood observers to pick the three titles that have them most excited for the trip to Park City.

“Red Lights”(Premieres) • “Rodrigo Cortes is red hot amongst the geeks, but ‘Buried’ was a bit of a stunt. Really looking forward to seeing if he is The Next Guy, working with some more [bucks] and a high-profile cast.”

By Sean P. Means

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