’s 2012 Sundance Film Festival Preview

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It’s that time of year again, when the cold weather starts hitting much of the country and everyone in Hollywood feels the need to get their taste of snow by traveling to Park City in Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. will be there again this year, attending lots of screenings, doing interviews and maybe getting to a couple of parties, all of which offer a much-needed break from the annual awards season ruts some of us have been writing about since September.

This year’s Sundance can claim two Oscar-nominated filmmakers with new movies and dozens of big name stars, although in year’s past, it’s often been the smaller movies by unknowns that sneak up on us and impress. In roughly two weeks’ time, we expect to have a list of favorites, hopefully all of which will get picked up for distribution and be swinging your way sometime later this year.

“… Rodrigo (Buried) Cort├ęs’ Red Lights stars Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Margaret Matheson and Cillian Murphy as her assistant Tom, two paranormal investigators trying to disprove various metaphysical phenomena but when a blind psychic named Simon Silver (Robert De Niro) returns after 30 years being absent, Tom becomes obsessed trying to solve the mystery. …”

by Edward Douglas

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