Do you believe in ghosts?

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Before the premiere of “Red Lights,” a movie about paranormal activity, we asked the cast to tell us their thoughts about the metaphysical world.

Did your thoughts on paranormal activity change after working on this film?

Actor Cillian Murphy: “I guess I had more of an insight, definitely. I read a lot of material on it and talked to people and that was fascinating to find out about it.”

If you were a real life psychologist, are there any metaphysical experts you would subscribe to?
Sigourney Weaver: I don’t think I’m enough of an expert to say because I actually find the world pretty miraculous without all of it. I kind of agreed with my character about that. On the other hand, there are certainly things that happen that you can’t explain.

What are your thoughts on paranormal activity and the whole metaphysical universe in general?

Cindy Cowan, Executive Producer, “I’m kind of one of the weird ones that really believes in it. Or I want to believe in it. I’m skeptical but I’m a believer.”

—Autumn Thatcher

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