‘Miracle On 42nd Street’ Trailer: Alicia Keys and Larry David Remember the Building that Changed New York

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“Miracle on 42nd Street” is a documentary detailing the story of the iconic apartment complex in Manhattan that was home to several artists during the late 1970s: The Manhattan Plaza.

The hour-long film will have its world premiere on November 11 during the DOC NYC festival. It is narrated by Oscar-nominated actor and Bronx native Chazz Palminteri, best known for his roles in “Bullets Over Broadway” and “The Usual Suspects.”

“Miracle on 42nd Street” depicts a time in which New York City was experiencing a profound financial crisis. Originally planned to be a luxurious apartment building, the Manhattan Plaza was repurposed to provide subsidized housing for artists, and thus it became a residential beacon of hope for people working in the performing arts in the late ’70s.

Apart from revitalizing the theater district around Times Square, the Manhattan Plaza became the residential hub of a thriving community of artists who have become icons themselves. Among the building’s former residents include Alicia Keys, Terrence Howard, Giancarlo Esposito, Larry David, Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Lansbury, and Estelle Parsons, all of whom are featured in the documentary, sharing how this building changed their lives. Watch the new exclusive trailer below:

The documentary argues for the economic value of the arts and artists in the United States, taking the Manhattan Plaza building as a case study and how it fueled other social experiments of that nature. The success of the building positively impacted the local economy and partook in bringing life back to midtown Manhattan.

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