“Sundance 2012: Six Story lines to watch”

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Red light, green light. Rodrigo Cortes had one of the most ballyhooed genre films at Sundance in recent years when “Buried,” the Ryan Reynolds-starrer about a man trapped in a coffin, premiered there two years ago. Cortes is back with another conceptual horror movie, a supernatural thriller called “Red Lights.” But will audiences get a chance to see it? Last time, Lionsgate paid a cool $3 million for “Buried” only to see it flop. We’ll see if another buyer bites this time around. (It does star Robert DeNiro as a blind psychic, so … you know.) Cortes isn’t the only one with a genre title: The found-footage movie “V/H/S,” from a host of young horror comers, and an intriguing film called “John Dies at the End” will try to spook the spirited post-midnight crowd. ”

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By: Steven Zeitchik | Source: Los Angeles Times